Friday, July 8, 2011

Short Update

100 pounds gone forever!  Actually its a little over 100, but who's counting....
ME, that's who.  *haha*

I'm almost in Onederland for the first time in nearly 25 years.
I'm in a smaller jean's size and I ordered a bathing suit yesterday.
And actual bathing suit!  It will arrive in a few days and I'm pretty excited about it.

Summer is whipping by so fast.  I'll be on vacation at the end of the month when me and the family will go to a nearby amusement park.  There is a wave pool at the park and I will be enjoying it this year with my boys.  It's always looked like so much fun but I was way too self conscious to go in and splash around.  I can't wait!!  Who knows, I may even try one of the roller coasters, now that I can fit in it!

I am almost off my blood pressure meds.  I'm down to half a pill daily for the next two weeks.  I have to monitor my BP a few times a week and if it remains at a constant stable rate, I can eliminate that half a pill too.  I will then go back to the doc to be checked again just to be sure things are good.  I started this weight loss 'adventure' to lose this excess weight and get off all the meds I was on.  To have that dream become a reality is ... well... pretty surreal.  I'm so happy!!

So, for the most part, life is really good.  I'm feeling fantastic, enjoying my new thinner life and working to make it ever better by staying on track and losing, losing, losing.

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Sheila said...

CONGRATULATIONS on joining the century club...that is awesome!!!