Friday, July 8, 2011

Short Update

100 pounds gone forever!  Actually its a little over 100, but who's counting....
ME, that's who.  *haha*

I'm almost in Onederland for the first time in nearly 25 years.
I'm in a smaller jean's size and I ordered a bathing suit yesterday.
And actual bathing suit!  It will arrive in a few days and I'm pretty excited about it.

Summer is whipping by so fast.  I'll be on vacation at the end of the month when me and the family will go to a nearby amusement park.  There is a wave pool at the park and I will be enjoying it this year with my boys.  It's always looked like so much fun but I was way too self conscious to go in and splash around.  I can't wait!!  Who knows, I may even try one of the roller coasters, now that I can fit in it!

I am almost off my blood pressure meds.  I'm down to half a pill daily for the next two weeks.  I have to monitor my BP a few times a week and if it remains at a constant stable rate, I can eliminate that half a pill too.  I will then go back to the doc to be checked again just to be sure things are good.  I started this weight loss 'adventure' to lose this excess weight and get off all the meds I was on.  To have that dream become a reality is ... well... pretty surreal.  I'm so happy!!

So, for the most part, life is really good.  I'm feeling fantastic, enjoying my new thinner life and working to make it ever better by staying on track and losing, losing, losing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Energetic Mom

That is me.  Amazing to even think that much less say that. Energetic Mom!

Don't get me wrong.  I've always done things with the boys - gone to the park, picnics, beach, things like that.  But I was always the one sitting on the bench watching the fun, or the one sitting on the tram instead of walking the path, the one watching everyone's 'stuff' while the others went in the water.

Now, I have the energy to be the one renting the tandem bike to ride on the path or walking the path instead of tramming it.  I have the energy to be the one going into the water splashing around, enjoying the wave pool at the amusement parks.  I won't be the one sitting and watching anymore.  I want to use this energy to join in.

And for the first time in probably 15 years, I will be buying and WEARING (<-- this is the key word) a bathing suit this year.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Think The Stall Is Over (?)

I think the stall is over.  The scale is moving again.  I've lost 10 pounds over the last two weeks.  I can breathe again and be confident that the surgery is still working.

Boy oh boy that was a long one.  Something I hope to not go through again.  It was frustrating and depressing - which explains the lack of posts on this blog.  Can't post the same darned post each day ... stall continues.  That would get pretty boring after a while.  But now, I can post happy news -- THE SCALE IS MOVING, THE SCALE IS MOVING!!  WOOHOO!

And, I'm down another size too.  Yes, as the scale seemed stuck, my sizes went down, so I was doing 'something' right.  I'm now down to a size 16 regular in jeans.  YAY!  Down 96 pounds in total as of today.  Just a few pounds more to reach the 100's.  I haven't been in the 100's since my late teens/early 20's.  What will THAT feel like I wonder.

I think about myself at this time last year and think how far I've come at just six months post-op.  What will the next six months bring?  What size will I end up being when it's all said and done?  I can feel the excitement building up again.  It's amazing how that stuck scale affected me and how it's moving again has affected my attitude.  It feels like a dark cloud has lifted - finally.  Finally!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And The Stall Continues...

Yes, the stall that has hung on for so long now, continues.  I thought it was over a couple of weeks ago, but alas, it wasn't.  The scale is stuck or I'm stuck or something is stuck.  It's very frustrating.  My clothes feel looser, I feel pretty good, but the scale won't move.  It's very aggravating.  I feel defeated...

...but, I have to keep going.  I have to keep working at it knowing that the scale will eventually move.  It has to...Right?  It can't stay at the same number forever...Right?  My body will start losing pounds again...Right?  Ugh!!  This is so frustrating!!!

The one good thing that has happened lately -- is that my hair doesn't seem to be falling out anymore.  YAY!!  So having one good thing to report is better than none.  :D